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High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core

The mission of the High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core is to provide services to investigators conducting molecular analyses of somatic DNA collected as part of a wide range of investigations. The Core provides high-throughput assays of telomere length, specific gene mutations, and polymorphisms (SNPs) in the many situations where previously defined specific nucleotide alterations are of interest.

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DF-HCC High-throughput Genotyping Core

Real Time Quantitative PCR for Relative Telomere Length

High-throughput assessment of relative Telomere length is performed using an Applied Biosystems 7900HT Real Time PCR system with a 384-well block. We use a modified protocol first developed by Richard Cawthon at the University of Utah.Telomere length has emerged as a pertinent biomarker of numerous chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease in epidemiological studies.


The OpenArray SNP Genotyping Platform is a nanofluidic chip based platform that allows us to run assays that we know work well using traditional 384- well format TaqMan assays. The OpenArray system allows users to run 16, 32 or 64 SNPs on one OpenArray. Depending on the number of SNPs on an OpenArray up to 144 samples can be run per OpenArray (in a 16-plex assay).


Single SNP allelic discrimination is carried out using the ABI 7900HT, which allows single-plex SNP interrogation over a large volume of samples.

Taqman Submission Guidelines

Leadership and Staff

Core Co-Director: David Kwiatkowski, MD
Content Contributor: Hardeep Ranu


Immaculata De Vivo is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology at the Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. De Vivo oversees a laboratory that primarily focuses on the discovery and characterization of genetic biological markers that may modify disease susceptibility in human populations. Biological markers of interest include single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), telomere length, and gene copy number variations (CNVs). Additionally, Dr. De Vivo is the director of the Dana Farber-Harvard Cancer Center High-Throughput Genotyping Core Facility.

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